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Dallon + Allie (Bermuda - Litter B)

We can't believe how giant and fluffy her tail got and how crazy loving she is. She's everything we could've imagined! We absolutely love her! She also loves our siamese so much! They run up the walls every night lol. Thank you for being so kind and patient with us in this process you have made it a very very pleasant experience. ❤️

Megan (Atlas - Litter A)

Thought I'd send you a little update! Can't believe he's so big and only 7 months old, he's already catching up to Sora! He is still such a sweetheart, he loves to follow us around wherever we go in the house, and he likes to be close to Sora too lol... he is very fast, agile, smart, curious and playful; he is always knocking stuff off the counter and will play with pretty much anything he can find! He likes getting picked up (even though he's getting heavy!) he loves chin scratches and belly rubs, and he still has the cutest meows 😍 We love him so much and are so happy he is part of our family - thank you!!

Berny (Clara - Litter C)

I got my dear Phoebe from Mountain Crest! And she has brought us so much joy. Mountain Crest answered all of our questions and they were very kind and professional. Highly recommend them as a breeder.


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