About Us


At Mountain Crest Maine Coons

We never thought we would be animal breeders, but here we are! We got our first Maine coons in Demember of 2021. And quickly fell in love with her. While searching for a Maine coon here in Utah – I was struggling to find breeders that did the testing (I believe should be require on breeding cats) we are few and far between! Hopefully that will change though!! 

With that said, whenever we do anything in life we really commit to whatever that is. We don’t cut corners especially when a living being is involved. That doesn’t mean everything will always be perfect (especially when living breathing animals are involved) it just means we have done what we could to lessen the chances of bad traits being reproduced. 

We never imagined all that goes into breeding (correctly) It is not just pairing 2 cats together and hoping for the best. It is so much time and can be so heart breaking + rewarding. We have had lots of ups and downs but have really enjoyed these cats as our family. And seeing updates of kittens that have went home and how happy they are with their new family members makes it all worth it. 

A little about us

Our names are Kylee & Mike. We have been together for almost 10 years (married 3) We do photo and video together (weddings mostly). And we have a huge passion for animals. We call them our furchildren. We love spending our days giving and getting love from our cats and dogs. 

We have 2 dogs (they love the cats) a golden retriever & Irish setter. Mike enjoys sports & Kylee loves art. Here are a few photos of us & our animals – and our cattery.